A Shift Toward Prey

Release Day May 15, 2017

In order to stop a war, Chiari Jhahn must start a revolution. But when political ambition is matched against predatory instinct, the phrase "coming back to bite you" takes on a whole new meaning.

A Shift Toward War

Coming December 2017

A Shift Toward Chaos

Coming May 2018

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Chronicles of the Fringe: Book 1

COMING MAY 15, 2017

Chiari Jhahn is a young, ambitious, headstrong Jaguar-Shifter with one goal: to overthrow her elder sister’s savage regime and restore peace to the Shifter Realm. Now that she’s earned a position of power on the Grand Council, she is determined to use her hard-won influence to jumpstart her private agenda. But she soon discovers that a war is looming over the lands of the Fringe, a conflict that will match Shifter claws against Vampire fangs for the first time in two centuries. Chiari wants to find a diplomatic solution, but her sister’s incompetent leadership keeps standing in the way. After a disastrous confrontation with the Vampires leaves a prominent leader dead and the peace negotiations stalled, Chiari feels she has no choice but to start a revolution—it’s either that, or watch her people become nothing more than prey for a much-stronger predator.

Just as Chiari begins to launch her plan, a new threat arises—invaders are spotted coming down from the north, and these creatures are far more deadly than any Vampire. With her Realm already teetering on the edge of civil war due to her own ill-timed call for revolution, Chiari must find a way to counter this new threat while keeping their old enemies at bay. With nowhere else to turn, Chiari is forced to seek allies in the most unlikely places—but her friends might prove to be worse than her enemies.  Chiari must use every ounce of her intellect and cunning to stop her Realm from being torn apart by enemies both foreign and domestic. She only hopes her change of heart hasn’t come too late.

A Shift Toward Prey: Chronicles of the Fringe is a fantasy novel set in the tidally-locked world of Psyche, a planet where Shifters and Vampires battle each other in the realms of darkness while human empires struggle for supremacy in the lands of daylight. But in this world, Vampires aren’t allergic to the light—it’s the humans who become the monsters in the dark. When war-mongers threaten the fragile peace between the Realms, Chiari and her allies must uncover a conspiracy of continental proportions and find a way to stop the bloodshed. But when political ambition is matched against predatory instinct, the phrase “coming back to bite you” takes on a whole new meaning. Good intentions may not be enough to stop the coming wars.

A Shift Toward Prey Book Cover_V9

Amazing Book Viral Review!

"Vibrant, compelling and exciting. Allison delivers a spectacular plot with faultless forward momentum. A visually complex tale (with) a delightfully dark dance of manipulation... Consistently superb and utterly readable, A Shift Toward Prey certainly sets the bar high... Thoroughly enjoyable...recommended without reservation."

Global Ebook Awards Nominee

A Shift Toward Prey is an official nominee of the Global Ebook Awards!

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